Samuel Johnson once remarked that, “No money is better spent than what is laid out for domestic satisfaction.” Here at Houseplay, we’ve seen the correlation firsthand. In a very real way, investing in your home means investing in your life.


When our clients decide to get creative and add design details that suit their particular preferences and lifestyles, we see a spike in domestic satisfaction. We wrote this post to inspire you to do the same!

1. Height-specific ceilings and fixtures … for the shorter or taller among your family. It’s amazing what a difference height makes.

Imagine not bumping your head on that low door frame, or being able to access your pots and pans without a stepladder. Fixing these small annoyances can have a disproportionately positive effect on your daily happiness.

2. Two shower heads instead of one … for romance or efficiency. If both you and your spouse need to leave the house at the same time in the morning, it’s easier to share a shower than try to coordinate the logistics of who showers first and when!

3. Kid friendly attributes … because kids are part of the family too! And imagine the difference it would make if you could, say, see your children in the playroom while preparing a meal in the kitchen.

And what about having a child-height countertop so that your kids can prepare food alongside you? They could make their own snacks while you sip a cup of tea.

4. Personalized bathrooms … because bedrooms aren’t the only space to add a personal touch! And when members of your family have completely different styles, it often pays to compromise by decorating room by room.

5. Luxurious materials … because sometimes, you really can find the divine in the details. If you’ve been settling for a sub-par bathroom tile, you’d be amazed at what a difference a new, more colorful material can make.

6. An entirely different floor plan … because life flows better when you live in a space that suits your needs.

What would happen if you demolished that wall and combined those two rooms? Maybe you’d enjoy natural light and get out of bed more easily in the morning.

What if you converted your apartment into a duplex, and rented out one side? Maybe you’d increase your income and pay for the renovation in just a few months. The possibilities are endless.

7. The finishing touches … the little things that make a big difference. What would it be like to have a towel warmer keep your towels toasty in the winter, or a deep tub in which to relax and soak away your worries at the end of a long day?

Consider the small, delicious details that would increase your happiness at home … and then work the best ones into your next renovation!


What ideas would you add to this list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!