Here at Houseplay, our entire business is designed to provide the best possible service to our clients. This means, of course, creating beautiful designs that meet our clients’ goals, and then executing these designs with excellent craftsmanship. But more than that, it means managing every detail of the entire project from start to finish.

Image of completed Jersey City Heights, NJ remodel

We know that hiring a general contractor to work in your home is an act of trust. Every day, we honor that trust by doing our absolute best to complete your project with high-quality work in the agreed-upon timeframe.

Image of completed Jersey City Heights, NJ remodel

Over the next three weeks, we thought we’d give you three different behind-the-scenes peeks at a day in our life during a typical project. Let’s dive in!

Image of completed Jersey City Heights, NJ remodel

Of Permits, Plans, and Project Management

Today, a Business Owner from Houseplay is going to Jersey City to file permits for a new project. Let’s tag along.

SETTING: Building Department offices, Jersey City NJ

The Business Owner drives to Jersey City, finds parking, signs in with the building security guard, takes the elevator up to the office, and signs in on the sign-in sheet.

After working from a laptop in the waiting room for about 2.5 hours, Business Owner is called in to meet with a permit official.

Bathroom Mood Board, A Chance for a Fresh Start

Business Owner: Here’s our paperwork for our upcoming home renovation project. Hands over a stack of forms, all meticulously organized and correctly signed and dated.

Permit Official: grunts, leafs through papers

Business Owner: I had a question about … describes technical question.

Permit Official: You should ask your contractor.

Business Owner: Actually, I am the contractor.

Permit Official: Well, you should know the answer, then.

Business Owner: … But I don’t.

Permit Official: Go back into the waiting room while I process this.

Business Owner returns to waiting room. The office goes to lunch at this point, so Business Owner waits an additional 45 minutes.

Kitchen Mood Board, A Chance for a Fresh Start

Permit Official: Alright, this is all sorted. Here you go.

Business Owner: What about the question I asked earlier?

Permit Official: shrugs and calls the next name on the list.

Business Owner drives back to the Houseplay offices. Reviews paperwork. Realizes something was entered by the permit official incorrectly. Calls the Building Department.

Business Owner: Hi, I was there earlier filing a permit. I see a mistake on the paperwork that was processed.

Permit Official: You really need to come in to the counter and speak with someone in person.

Business Owner sorts out the mistake; when the permits are ready, goes back to the Building Department to pay via check and pick up the permits.

Overall Mood Board, A Chance for a Fresh Start

FROM: Houseplay Renovations

TO: Current Client

Subject: Your permits are ready!


Dear Client,

Good news! We’ve received the permits for your home renovation. Our project manager has begun to schedule out the project, and we will be at your house to begin the work on Monday morning at 8:00. Let us know if you have any questions!



Houseplay Renovations


We handle all these behind-the-scenes details so you can live your everyday life. If you’re dreaming of a renovation project (and never want to set foot in the building department), let us take care of the details. We’re currently booking projects for the rest of the year – contact us today at (201) 682-8766 or (845) 630-8677.