Here at Houseplay, our entire business is designed to provide the best possible service to our clients. This means, of course, creating beautiful designs that meet our clients’ goals, and then executing these designs with excellent craftsmanship. But more than that, it means managing every detail of the entire project from start to finish.

We know that hiring a general contractor to work in your home is an act of trust. Every day, we honor that trust by doing our absolute best to complete your project with high-quality work in the agreed-upon timeframe.

Image of completed Cedar Grove, NJ remodel

This is the second post in a three-part series, in which we’re giving you three different behind-the-scenes peeks at a day in our life during a typical project. (If you missed the first post, check it out here). Let’s dive in!


Image of completed Cedar Grove, NJ remodel

SETTING: Houseplay Offices

Meeting between Business Owner and Lead Designer

Business Owner: Let’s talk about the new bathroom renovation.

Lead Designer: The designs are complete and we’re ready to start work. But I just called to order the tub — it’s literally the perfect tub for this project — and it’s backordered. We can’t replace it without redesigning the whole area.

Business Owner: Okay, let’s call some additional suppliers to see if we can find that tub somewhere else.

Designer: Apparently Kohler had a warehouse fire. They said they don’t have any of these style tubs left in the whole country, and it’ll take 4-6 months for it to come in.

Business Owner: Okay, let’s call a few more places and see what we can find.

The office manager starts calling suppliers and finds literally the last tub in the whole country! Success! She orders it.

Two weeks later…

Business Owner rearranges schedule to accept tub delivery at the Houseplay offices, since the homeowner’s space is too small to store the tub until the team is ready to install it. Tub is delivered. Upon opening it for inspection, Business Owner discovers that it was shipped in a wooden crate with no packing materials. The nails from the crate have scratched the tub in several places.

Business Owner (on phone with Lead Designer): This tub is not usable. We’re going to have to go to plan B. Can you find me some alternatives?

Lead Designer: Will do.

After several hours of research:

Business Owner (on phone with Homeowner): Hi! This is Houseplay Renovations. Unfortunately, we’ve run into a little snag with your bathroom design. The tub we chose is completely out of stock everywhere — we got the last one, but it’s been damaged. Of the best replacement tubs we found, we can either order one with the same dimensions, but a different material, or the same material but different dimensions.


Image of completed Cedar Grove, NJ remodel

Business Owner (on phone with Lead Designer): The homeowners chose the tub that’s the same material, but different dimensions. I need you to redesign the space for those dimensions. And since the new tub doesn’t have a built-in storage shelf, they’d like us to design a niche in the shower wall.

Lead Designer redesigns plans. Office Manager orders new tub. Business Owner adjusts schedule to be available for second tub delivery.


Image of completed Cedar Grove, NJ remodel

FROM: Houseplay Renovations

TO: Homeowner

Subject: Tub installed!

Dear Homeowner,

Despite the snafu with the tub being out of stock (and then damaged), today we installed the new tub that you chose! We’re excited to be nearing completion of your project.


Houseplay Renovations


Image of completed Cedar Grove, NJ remodel

We handle all these behind-the-scenes details so you can live your everyday life. If you’re dreaming of a renovation project (and don’t want to deal with the craziness of items being out of stock, damaged, or shipped incorrectly), let us take care of the details. We’re currently booking projects for the rest of the year – contact us today at (201) 682-8766 or (845) 630-8677.