Here at Houseplay, our entire business is designed to provide the best possible service to our clients. This means, of course, creating beautiful designs that meet our clients’ goals, and then executing these designs with excellent craftsmanship. But more than that, it means managing every detail of the entire project from start to finish.

We know that hiring a general contractor to work in your home is an act of trust. Every day, we honor that trust by doing our absolute best to complete your project with high-quality work in the agreed-upon timeframe.

This is the second post in a three-part series, in which we’re giving you three different behind-the-scenes peeks at a day in our life during a typical project. (If you missed the first two posts check them out here: Of Permits, Plans, and Project Management and When the Perfect Product is Out of Stock). Let’s dive in!

Historic Kitchen Remodel Jersey City Brand New Day During 01


SETTING: Current project site

Business Owner: How’s the schedule coming for this project?

Project Manager: We’re pretty much all set. I’m waiting to hear back from the plumber but everyone else has confirmed with me that their scheduled time works.

Business Owner: Great. Good work coordinating the carpenter, electrician, plumber, and HVAC company.

The demo crew finishes their work; now they’ll move on to other projects while the other trades come in to continue this kitchen renovation.

Historic Kitchen Remodel Jersey City Brand New Day During 02


Via text to plumber


Project Manager: Hey! Just confirming that we are all ready for you to start on Tuesday as scheduled.

Plumber: Great, I’ll be there.


Project Manager: See you at our project site tomorrow!

Plumber: Sounds good.

Tuesday morning

Phone call from plumber to project manager at 6:30am.

Plumber: I’m so sorry, but I got an emergency service call this morning – a pipe burst in an apartment building and the downstairs apartments are flooding. I need my whole team for this one, so I won’t be able to make it to your site today.

Project Manager: Okay, thanks for letting me know! Luckily I built a buffer day into the schedule. Do you think you can make it tomorrow?

Plumber: Should be able to. I’ll let you know later today.

Plumber via text to Project Manager at 3pm: This emergency is going to take another day to fix completely. I apologize!

Project Manager calls electrician and is able to pull the electrician forward and push the plumber back while keeping the entire project on schedule.

Project Manager via text to plumber: No problem. Can you start on Friday instead?

Plumber: You got it.

Image of completed Jersey City, NJ remodel

FROM: Houseplay Renovations

TO: Homeowner

Subject: Weekly project update


Dear Homeowner,

Here’s your weekly project update!

We ran into a few glitches this week, but we were able to rearrange the schedule and keep everything on track for our completion date.

Have a great weekend!



Houseplay Renovations


Image of completed Jersey City, NJ remodel

We handle all these behind-the-scenes details so you can live your everyday life. If you’re dreaming of a renovation project (and don’t want to coordinate subcontractors yourself), let us take care of the details. We’re currently booking projects for the rest of the year – contact us today at (201) 682-8766 or (845) 630-8677.