The popular wisdom, if you want to get into a certain neighborhood, is to buy a fixer-upper (at a lower price) and fix it up. 

But here’s the truth: buying a fixer-upper is never going to save you money unless you do all the work yourself. 

Recently, a couple called me about a homebuyer support session. In these sessions, I walk clients through a property that they’re considering buying and tell them what’s realistic in terms of renovation.

In this case, I had actually already walked the exact property with another homebuyer support client – who had clearly decided not to purchase. 

This couple on the phone told me that they love the area but can’t afford a fully finished townhouse in the neighborhood. 

Because radical honesty is a core value of mine, I said, hold on a second. Do you think that buying a rundown brownstone that needs complete gutting and renovating, plus an addition, is going to cost less than a fully finished townhouse? 

They did think that.

Instead of selling a homebuyer support session, I told them that there was no way that buying a fixer-upper and doing a full renovation would ever cost less than buying a move-in ready townhouse in the same area. (Unless you do all the work yourself!)

However, here are the benefits you DO get when you purchase a fixer upper. You won’t save money, but you do get to:

  • Choose the location
  • Decide the finishes and fixtures and create an interior space exactly how you want it
  • Invest in an up-and-coming neighborhood

There are lots of benefits to buying a fixer-upper, but saving money isn’t one of them.


If you ARE ready to buy a fixer upper, let me support you.

And if you’re ready to fix up the home of your dreams, apply to work with us. We’re currently taking projects in Jersey City, NJ for 2020. 

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