Imagine that you came home tonight to find your space transformed.

The house is clean. There’s a place for everything, and everything is in its place. You know exactly what you’re cooking for a delicious healthy dinner. The space is set up and equipped for however your family spends your evenings – whether that’s relaxing in front of the fireplace, your kids doing homework at the kitchen table, or working on a creative project.

If this sounds like a pipe dream, I hear you. With three kids and our own business, Niall and I sometimes feel like we’re drowning in the minutiae of day-to-day living. And our home can add to that sense of overwhelm.

But here’s what I’ve learned in more than a decade of working with clients to transform their homes: transforming your space can transform your whole life.

At Houseplay, we redesign kitchens, add bathrooms, create storage solutions that work, and update spaces with a coat of paint and brand-new flooring. These dramatic changes are fun and life-giving. Yet there are other ways to transform your space.

Decluttering your closet; streamlining your meal planning system; creating healthy sleep routines: these things have just as much power to revitalize your everyday life.

In my new free video series, A Home You Love, I’ve brought together 21 incredible experts to share their best strategies for creating a functional, peaceful, beautiful home that grows along with your family. You can sign up right here:

Here’s what you’ll discover in this series:

  • Strategies to manage clutter and mess (even when you’re outnumbered)
  • Tips for integrating color, pattern and beauty into your space
  • Inspiration for designing your home to transform your life
  • Ideas for creating an environment conducive to rest, relaxation and deep sleep
  • Natural alternatives for cleaning and wellness

A Home You Love starts today, February 12. Be sure to sign up right here, even if you’re already on our main email list.

The show is totally free to you – but don’t discount its value because it’s free! It’s like a special, limited-time series on HGTV.

I have had such a blast talking with all these experts. I’ve learned so much and started implementing their ideas into my own home. I can’t wait to share it with you!


tamara-templeman-portrait-200To creating a home you love,