Renovation Throwback: A Study in Contrasts

Consider this: the comfort you feel in your home is a double-edged sword.

On one hand, it’s wonderful to feel relaxed, happy, and peaceful at home. But on the other hand, it’s possible to get too complacent, to neglect opportunities to improve and add value to your home.

As Gretchen Rubin wrote in her book Happier at Home: “My home is a place of unconditional belonging, which is part of its pleasure, part of its pain.”

Often, we forget that we have the power to effect change … and that renovating our homes can make a big difference in the rest of our lives.

In this 2014 project, our team renovated an apartment that had previously been converted from a warehouse into a loft. The space was a study in contrasts, blending exposed brick and original rough-sawn columns and beams with warm colors and soft lighting.

Our work in bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling resulted in a spacious, welcoming loft, perfect for entertaining and enjoyment.

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~ The Houseplay Renovations team