I’m gathering 10 clients for 2020 in Jersey City who are ready to transform their homes from top to bottom and are prepared to partner with a team they can trust. 

Here’s the letter I wrote to these 10 people I have yet to meet – maybe this is you. Read on to find out.

Dear friend, 

I see your big dreams for your home. I see how thoughtfully you’ve prepared to undertake a big renovation project in order to make your space all your own. I see how much you love beauty and appreciate flow, how much you crave a more thoughtful design in your home. And I also see your awareness that this (creating a space that’s beautiful and functional) is not your area of genius.

I see how busy you are, thriving in your own career, a challenging and robust journey of your own. You are so busy with this pursuit that you barely have time for the people + experiences you love, let alone time to learn a whole new industry. 

You have no desire to handle your own permitting, research light fixtures, or shop for tile. You do not have time to find a plumber or communicate with a woodworker to create the custom cabinets you’ve been dreaming of. (Let’s face it…who does?)

You are looking for someone to serve you. 

You want a one-stop shop: a team to whom you can entrust your vision and know that they will bring it to life.

Dear, dear friend: I want you to have what you want. I want you to have a beautiful home that you are excited to share with your family and friends. I want you to have a renovation experience that culminates in a finished space more beautiful and functional than you could have imagined – a space that excites and energizes you every time you step into it, a space you can’t wait to come home to. 

Here’s the thing: working with Houseplay Renovations is like flying first class. We create the smoothest possible experience for you, every step of the way. And when we do hit turbulence (it’s inevitable on cross-continental journeys), we will bring you through it with calm professionalism, warmth and caring.

You know that the destination (a gorgeous renovated space) is worth it. The only question is: how will you get there?

Will your renovation be months of bootstrapped, stress-filled difficulties that you have to handle and manage on your own?

Or a concierge experience directed by a team of trusted professionals? 

If you’re ready for a concierge experience, we might just be a match made in heaven. Let’s have a conversation.



Are you one of our 10? Let’s schedule a free 20-minute call to connect.