Here’s what I know to be true: the two things that make life worth living are beauty and connection.

Beauty in your physical space: design choices that make your heart smile; artwork and photos that showcase your true personality; mementoes, flowers or candles that add the perfect finishing touch.

Connection with your fellow human beings: a shared smile with the person you see at the coffee shop every morning (instead of avoiding eye contact), a glass of wine at the end of the day with your partner, a hug with your child, a phone call to a friend.

Beauty and connection make life worth living.

And yet … it’s so easy to skip over beauty and connection in our jam-packed daily lives. 

That’s why I’m all about layering beauty and connection into everyday living.

You don’t need to escape on a 10-day meditation retreat to create more beauty and connection in your life here and now. 

It can start in this moment, today. 

I created my new video series, Loving Your Jersey City Home: Create Beauty in Your Life and Connection in Your Community, as a gift to help you see what’s already available in the city you call home.  

The local JC guests I’m interviewing in this series are heart-centered, soul-powered entrepreneurs and community leaders. They are changing the face of the city they call home and transforming their local communities.

I can’t WAIT to share their stories with you. Claim your free space here

I’m talking to:

  • Folks from a local Jersey City distillery that’s one of the only LGBTQ-owned distilleries in the U.S., which crafts (according to FORBES), “one of the finest gins made anywhere in the world.”
  • A client-centered real estate agent who absolutely adores serving both homebuyers and homesellers, and whose love of her West Side neighborhood really inspired me.
  • Owner of a fabulous vintage store that’s been named by USA Today and Elle.com’s best places to shop vintage in America.
  • Director of Jersey City’s only gallery and painting studio, specializing in kids’ art classes and paint & sip classes for adults. 

PLUS, you’ll get access to an interview with me and hear behind-the-scenes stories of how I started Houseplay Renovations with my partner Niall way back in 2007 – details I’ve never shared anywhere else.

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