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Project In Process: Taking the Leap: Jersey City Apartment Renovation

When you have a big home remodel ahead of you, it can be tempting to do just a little bit at a time. However, the "chip away at it" approach can lead to even more stress and strain ... and cost you more money too! When you keep hiring different crews to come in, you cause multiple, ongoing disruptions to your home life. You can also ratchet ...

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Project In Process: A Chance for a Fresh Start: Jersey City Heights Home Remodel

It's your classic homeowners' nightmare: a fire that rages through your space. In this case, only a portion of our clients' home was severely damaged, but many of the finishes needed to be replaced. As you'll see from the before photos below, the main areas in need of rehabilitation are the kitchen and the upstairs bedroom. However, the ...

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New Project: Feels Like Home

Do you have a space in your home that's just not working for you? Perhaps it's an underutilized living room, or a basement that's too dark, cold, and dingy to inhabit. If so, then you'll love seeing the transformation we effected for these downtown Jersey City homeowners. They wanted to activate their large downstairs area and reconfigure the ...

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Renovation Throwback: To New Heights

When you're living in a home that isn't a fit for you, daily frustrations accrue. But when you change your space to suit your lifestyle, a whole new world opens up. For this 2015 full home remodel in downtown Jersey City, we custom-designed several new layouts with our clients in mind. We accounted for height - he’s 6’4”, she’s ...

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