Building from desire is powerful.

When we build from the foundation of desire, we create amazing things.

You don’t need a lot of space to build something from desire.

Just a willingness to get in touch with what you love – and what you don’t love.

This can be really challenging for some clients at first.

They are so accustomed to tuning in to what everyone else wants that it can be hard to tune in to what they themselves want.

Creating space that nourishes you and brings you joy starts with some simple questions.

What’s working? What’s not working?

What do I love? What do I hate?

From the foundation of these questions, we begin.

That’s exactly what the clients for this gallery collection did. Enjoy perusing these beautiful past projects.

To New Heights


I see it all the time: people tend to disassociate from their space. You see it every day – it’s easy to let things slide. But not these Jersey City clients. We designed each of their two and half baths with different, fun styles. We freshened up the kitchen with new countertops and created a cozy play room in the basement. This gorgeous powder room in particular brought our client so much joy!

Art of a New Start

Jersey City Historic Brownstone Kitchen Remodel
Our clients for this historic brownstone kitchen renovation had very specific requests.

They wanted a corner cabinet. They wanted an area to display their quirky collection of decorative items that bring them joy. A table where they could sit facing one another. And a nook where one partner could sit reading while the other was baking or cooking.

I remember the day we photographed this kitchen – and I got to see how each element they had requested had come to life and how much joy it brought them.

Full of Personality

We had so much fun playing with color and pattern in this kitchen and bathroom renovation. For the kitchen, our clients chose two-tone mint and white cabinets with a fun hexagonal backsplash tile. Halfway into the project they decided to add on an upgrade of their entryway, where we installed a bright-red front door and beautiful blue tile. We used pink penny tile in the bathroom and natural wood tones for the vanity and storage closet.

It takes courage to use such bold colors, and they were super clear – we’re going to do this the way we love it. It was so fun to work from this place without worrying about resale or trends or other people’s opinions.

The Secret Garden

Like many of you, this client had many renovation projects in mind that she could have undertaken. She decided the first one she wanted to do was to create a beautiful bump-out window in her kitchen so she could enjoy her garden year-round. We also created a deck in an outside nook that previously had been a no-man’s-land between her house and the edge of her property.

It may not have been the most practical choice – but it was the choice that brought her the most joy. The results are stunning!

When we build from desire, we create spaces that nourish our spirits.

And what is home for, if not to bring us joy?


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