When was the last time you played?

In our culture, we tend to think that as an adult, “play” means to lie inert on a beach towel drinking a margarita. 

Besides the fact that most of us can only access this kind of vacation vibe once a year at most, we are missing out on the true joy, fun and creativity of really playing. 

Kids play with their whole bodies, minds and hearts in an immersive way. They lose track of time. (They don’t even hear you the first 27 times you call them for dinner.)

As adults it’s easy to lose our playfulness, our ability to imagine and dream, unfettered and uninhibited. It’s easy to lose our connection to our own desire in the endless cycle of obligations and demands.

For the past few years, while building Houseplay, I’ve been determined to make people take us seriously. Everything, from our website to our photos to how I presented myself to clients, was about showing up serious.

That was where we needed to be at the time.

But now it’s time to return to the root of our name.

Niall and I decided on Houseplay because we wanted to bring a sense of playfulness and fun to recreating spaces.

I don’t need to convince anyone anymore that we are a serious business. Our body of work speaks for itself. Our satisfied clientele speaks for itself.

Today I want to invite you to DREAM BIG. 

If you could create ANYTHING in your space – with no constraints at all – what would it be?

If you can’t even dream it, you can never create it.

So today, spend some time daydreaming about what you want your home to look and feel like, if you had all the money, all the time and all the resources in the world.

Stare out the window. Spend half an hour intentionally browsing Pinterest or Instagram, just for fun. Go for a walk and imagine your dream home. Play in it like a kid who creates a playhouse in the yard with a tree stump for a table and only the sky for a roof.

Connect to your own desire.

It’s the foundation we need to build on.


Over the holidays, we spent three weeks in England with Niall’s family. One afternoon my brother-in-law and I built a castle out of Duplos, just for fun.

He would build something, then I’d add something. He’d add something, then I’d be like, actually, I think this would fit better over here… 

There were no rules, no constraints, just play, flow, and imagination.


In 2020 I’m bringing that same vibe to our business in force.

If you are ready to dream big for your space this year and you’re located in Jersey City, apply to work with us here.