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New Project: Renovating at the Right Time

“Time is an illusion, timing is an art.” If you purchased your home knowing you wanted to renovate, you might be wondering: when is the best time?? The truth is that ANY time can be the best time to renovate! For this Jersey City home renovation, our clients’ goal was to create a more functional [...]

2019-10-04T02:17:19-04:00October 4th, 2019|Gallery Projects|
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New Project: Modernizing Space while Honoring History

They say that everything old is new again (and if you’ve seen the resurgence of high-waisted jeans, you know what we’re talking about!).  The goal of this Ridgefield Park bathroom renovation and bedroom addition was to make the home livable for a modern family while preserving the historical charm of the 1930s.  View the gallery [...]

2019-09-05T17:18:32-04:00September 6th, 2019|Gallery Projects|
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New Project: The Secret Garden

Our client came to us with a renovation idea she had on her heart for over seven years, but wasn’t sure how it would work for her historical Jersey City home and existing garden. Her garden has always been a place for her to rest and rejuvenate, but she wanted to create a better connection [...]

2019-09-05T17:18:45-04:00August 2nd, 2019|Gallery Projects|
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New Project: Making Room for a New Addition

Babies change everything - including how we use and interact with our space! Figuring out how your home can support you during a big life transition can make that transition feel much smoother. For this apartment renovation in Jersey City, our clients’ renovation goals included transforming a second bedroom into a functional nursery and creating [...]

2019-04-08T17:17:51-04:00October 19th, 2018|Create Family Friendly Spaces, Gallery Projects|
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New Project: History Revitalized

The theme of this project is truly about revitalizing history: brushing up historic features of this Jersey City brownstone remodel and upgrading with modern elements to create a true transformation. This theme is embodied in four elements of the renovation, which included a remodel of the entire first floor of the home. View the full [...]

2018-10-05T07:29:21-04:00October 5th, 2018|Gallery Projects|
  • Jersey City Historic Brownstone Kitchen Remodel

New Project: Art of a New Start

Home renovation is deeply personal work. Our clients trust us to be working in their homes every day, to help create a space that will be a more functional and beautiful addition to their lives. It can also be emotional, as we sift through old memories to create new ones. And sometimes, things don’t always [...]

2018-07-20T18:50:02-04:00July 21st, 2018|Gallery Projects|
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New Project: Top to Bottom Transformation

The spaces in which we live are a kind of canvas on which we create our lives. This Jersey City family bought a fixer-upper and asked Houseplay to help them transform it. We swapped the layout of the house completely, moving the rental unit from the top floor to the garden level, and reconfiguring the [...]

2018-06-14T01:27:19-04:00June 15th, 2018|Gallery Projects|
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