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Art of a New Start: Video Tour

Home renovation is deeply personal work, and it can sometimes be emotional as we sift through old memories and make room for new ones. This kitchen and heating system renovation of this historic brownstone in Jersey City was no exception! We lovingly took care of every detail - supporting the homeowners through some unexpected challenges [...]

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Top to Bottom Transformation: Video Tour

Transforming your space can transform the way your family lives. Such was the case with this full home remodel of a two-family fixer-upper in an up-and-coming neighborhood in Jersey City Heights. We reconfigured every floor to reflect how the family wanted to use the space, and expressed their personal taste in the midcentury modern design. [...]

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Maximizing a Rental Investment: Video Tour

Our client for this full apartment remodel in Jersey City, NJ wanted to maximize the value of the space in a stylish, modern way to command a premium rental price. To accomplish this goal, we shifted the space from a 2-bedroom, 1.5-bath with an awkward layout to a modern, 3-bedroom, 2-bath unit with an open, [...]

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Feels Like Home: New Video Tour

Figuring out how to inhabit your own home isn’t always easy. Just ask these downtown Jersey City homeowners. When they moved into their historic home, they thought they wouldn’t have children. Fast-forward ten years and they had two kids and a home in need of remodeling! They called Houseplay to tailor their home to their lifestyle. The project [...]

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Change Your Living Space, Change Your Life: New Video Tour

Change is hard – especially when you’re changing your space. Every day, we work with clients who have decided that enough is enough. They’re through with living in spaces that feel cramped, outdated, or don’t align with their style. They’re ready to embrace change in their space. As this client discovered, changing your living space [...]

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Full Home Renovation in Downtown Jersey City (Video)

Samuel Johnson once remarked, “No money is better spent than what is laid out for domestic satisfaction.” Here at Houseplay, we’ve seen the correlation firsthand. In a very real way, investing in your home means investing in your life. When our clients hire us to design and build spaces that suit their particular preferences and [...]

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A Jersey City Apartment Transformed (Video)

Jersey City has a special place in our hearts. When we (Tam and Niall) were first married in 2006, we rented a small apartment in downtown Jersey City. That’s where we co-founded Houseplay Renovations, beginning a business that continues to thrive nearly a decade later. Back then, Niall completed home renovations while Tam commuted into [...]

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A House Becomes A Home: A Video Tour

How do you mark the point when a space becomes your very own? It’s hard to draw a line in the sand because personalizing an apartment happens in a thousand understated moments. From repainting a room to marking up a door frame to measure children’s growth spurts, the process takes place slowly over time. But [...]

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Of Bathrooms and Basements: A Video Tour

Did you know that nationally, bathrooms edge out kitchens for the title of most-requested home renovation? According to the National Association of Home Builder’s most recent survey, bathroom remodels were cited as a common job by a record 78 percent of remodelers in 2014. Bathroom renovations are in demand, and Houseplay has the portfolio to [...]

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