Welcome to week 3 of our video series, Debunking the Myths of Renovation Reality TV.

On TV, a major renovation – from design to completion – is shown in 22 minutes.

When Houseplay was on HGTV’s My First Renovation years ago, the video crew shot more than 80 hours of footage that was compressed into those 22 minutes.

Plus, construction crews are often working literally around the clock to meet production deadlines.  

On the other hand, we’ve all heard a nightmare story from a friend or neighbor about renovations that have dragged on for many months and even years due to unnecessary delays.

Today I’m talking about what you can REALLY expect in terms of how long your renovation will take – and how to find a trustworthy guide to get you there.  

Here’s what the video covers:

  • Houseplay’s approach to planning and timing out a project, and how it’s different than other contractors
  • Estimated timelines for the design phase, permit acquisition, and construction for different types of projects
  • A quick example to illustrate the complexities of a kitchen renovation project

Check out the video here:


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