Truth: social distancing is really hard for me.

Some days I feel like I may not physically survive a month or more without hugging people outside my immediate family. I even miss just standing in a crowd of strangers.

We are all wired for connection. This time of enforced isolation, even though it’s protecting our physical health, is tough for our mental and emotional health.

That’s why the energetic connections I have built with my friends, extended family, my clients and my team are even more essential now.

I’m leaning on the strength of those relationships to give and receive support.

Connecting deeply with people is a skillset I’ve been practicing for years. Through working with hundreds of clients over more than a decade, I’ve learned to listen at a deep level to the needs that are behind what people might be stating overtly.

I’ve learned to hold space for my clients, tune in to what they want and need in the moment, and create a feeling of safety and security as we make big decisions and prepare for big changes.

And during this time of crisis, I’ve been asking myself how I can support you safely.

Answer: Virtual Houseplay.

Virtual Houseplay is for you if you want to create a home that feels like a sanctuary.

You’re not planning to do a big renovation in the next year, but your home needs some love now: more beauty, less clutter.

I listen deeply to you: to who you are and what you want to create in your space.

Through ongoing coaching, Pinterest board collaboration, shopping lists, to-do lists and more, I support you to make your vision for your home a reality.

At the end of our work together, you will walk into any room of your house at any time of day and experience joy. Every room of your house will feel like a refuge.

What would that mean to you in this world, which so often feels scary, unpredictable and dark, now more than ever?

What would it mean to you to feel safe and held in every single room in your home?

It is possible.

And that’s what I want to help you create.

To learn more about Virtual Houseplay, visit our new Virtual Houseplay webpage.

Now is the time.

We are home now more than ever. Let’s make home somewhere we love to spend time.


Our next free Virtual Houseplay coaching call is happening this coming Wednesday (4/15) at 8pm. Sign up here.

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