A homeowner we know recently made a profound observation: Working with a remodeling contractor on a home renovation project is akin to a “temporary marriage”.

In a home or apartment remodel, both the homeowners and the renovation team members invest a great deal of time, energy, and trust. They get to know each other’s communication styles, aesthetic tastes, and daily routines. They work together to create a space that’s both more functional and more beautiful.

Bathroom Renovation Downtown Jersey City Raising the Bar

Plus, the way they relate to one another shapes the experiential aspect of the process. This is harder to quantify than the end result but still very important. (After all, your contractor will be someone who is in your home every day for the duration of your project.)

At Houseplay, we’re interested in building long-term relationships with you, in growing and maintaining your trust over time. Why? Because it’s both satisfying for us and beneficial for you as clients.

We find that we get to know your needs better over time. Likewise, when you have a new home remodeling project, you know who to call right off the bat.

Bathroom Renovation Downtown Jersey City Raising the Bar

In this newly-completed bathroom remodeling project, we partnered with prior clients in downtown Jersey City NJ to work in same home featured in our 2015 project, To New Heights. (We also chronicled the earlier stages of this project in Project In Process: Raising the Bar.)


Before, During, and After Renovation in the Master Bathroom


Before, During, and After Renovation in the Powder Room

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~ The Houseplay Renovations team