This just in: a recent Houseplay Renovations project (shared here on our website as An Apartment Becomes a Home) was featured in the July/August 2016 edition of The Digest Online.

The article showcasing our work in a historic Jersey City NJ apartment, “Feels Like Home” begins as follows:

Claire Cinquina and her family bought their apartment in 2002. The 1,200-square-foot-space itself is part of a historic building overlooking Hamilton Park in Jersey City. From the beginning, Cinquina and her husband weren’t sure they would be staying long-term, which is the reason why they chose not to update the apartment …. If they were going to stay, they needed a full home renovation.

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Jersey City NJ Historic Apartment Renovation The Digest Online

Houseplay was also featured in a July 2015 article at The Digest Online, “Houseplay Renovations: From Vision to Completion.”

It’s no secret that renovating or building a home can be stressful. Between fishing through different contractors, figuring out a budget, and maintaining a normal family life, it’s enough to take one’s sanity. In fact, it can be so disruptive that there’s even help sites with titles like, “How to Remodel and Keep Your Marriage Together.”

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