And it’s a winding road

I’ve been walking for a long time

I still don’t know

Where it goes

And it’s a long way home

I’ve been searching for a long time

I still have hope

I’m gonna find my way home

-Bonnie Somerville, “Winding Road”

Isn’t it funny and strange and beautiful how winding the road of our life can be?

A few weeks ago I shared a little peek into the story of how I became an interior designer. When I look back over my life, it’s amazing how a series of small decisions, a small “yes” to a little nudge, brought me to this point. 

All these years and all these yeses later, I’m honored to run Houseplay Renovations. I’m honored that this winding road has brought me into contact with so many amazing clients. I’m honored that I have the opportunity to lead a team of fantastic team members. 

This week we’re featuring our newest team member’s spotlight on the blog. Meet Husein!


Isn’t it fun to meet the people behind the magic? This is your chance to get a peek behind-the-scenes at Houseplay. As we welcome new team members, we’ll introduce you so you can get a window into how we make your home renovation magic happen. Check out profiles of the rest of our team: co-founder and creative director Tamara Templeman, co-founder Niall Templeman, lead designer Veronika Bamfield, project manager John Kucsma, and office manager Tracey Kane.

Today we’re talking with Husein Hasan, our site supervisor. 

Tell us what your day-to-day work looks like.

Basically, I make sure everything at our job sites is running smoothly. So each day, I’ll go to a job site, talk to our contractors, make sure they understand how everything needs to be done. I’ll check that the work that’s been completed has been done right. If there’s a mistake, I make sure they correct it. 

I make sure we have enough materials for what we’re doing – so I might go pick up more if we’re short on something, or bring materials to a property so the plumber or electrician has what they need to do their work.

I also document the work that’s been done and share the status with John (our project manager) and Tammy so they know what’s going on.

What’s your favorite part about your job?

I love the very beginning of the project – the demo. It’s fun to get to see what’s going on inside the walls. 

But the best part is finishing a project. It’s great to see how we’ve taken something old or outdated and now it looks beautiful. 

Getting to see the smile on the client’s face when they see the finished product makes it all worth it. 

How did you first come to this work, and then to Houseplay? Tell us about your “winding road” that led you here!

Eight years ago, I was a personal driver and security guard, and I was ready to start something new. I had money saved up, and some construction background, so I started buying foreclosed properties from banks and flipping houses.

Then for a while I was working for a friend who had a sheetrocking business. John found the company and I was doing some measurements and estimates for him for Houseplay. I asked if Houseplay needed help, and he said they did. I had an interview with Tammy and here I am!

What sets Houseplay apart from other general contractors?

Houseplay really knows their work inside and out. Our team is experienced and the contractors we work with are experienced. 

We work well together as a team, and we can tackle any project we take on and solve any problems that come up.

If your winding road is leading you to say YES to transforming your home, apply to work with us here. We’re currently accepting projects in Jersey City, NJ