Isn’t it fun to meet the people behind the magic? This is your chance to get a peek behind-the-scenes at Houseplay! Each month we’ll interview a different team member for a window into how we make your home renovation magic happen. Check out our other profiles: John Kucsma, Veronika Bamfield, Niall Templeman and Tamara Templeman.

Tracey Kayne


Today we’re talking with Tracey Kayne, Office Manager.


What does your day-to-day work look like?

I’m very focused on keeping the office organized and running smoothly so our team can work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

I’m the first point of contact for incoming leads, so I set up a short consultation call to learn more about their project and help steer them toward the next best step. When a project is signed, I create a pipeline by setting them up in QuickBooks and in BuilderTrend, which is the platform we use to communicate across the project team on project status.

Once Veronika finishes the design for a project and everything is finalized, I order all the materials and track shipment and arrival. When a project is finished, I coordinate photo shoots.

I also maintain the office, keep our accounts up-to-date, and am generally on hand for anything Tammy might need.


What’s your favorite part about your job?

I love talking with prospective customers and being that first point of contact with Houseplay. We always want to make sure a client and a project is a mutual great fit, so helping people start to discover what we’re all about and whether we might work well together is really rewarding.

I also love working with our photographer, Megan Maloy, on photo shoots. Using my creative eye to highlight our team’s work is amazing.


What sets Houseplay apart in the industry?

I think it’s two things – one is Tammy’s mindful approach of keeping our work client-centered. She always wants to ensure that the client’s voice is being heard. This work is truly about building a relationship, not just taking on a project.

The second thing that sets Houseplay apart is our seamless approach to design/build projects. Lots of companies might say they’re design/build, but when I redid my kitchen, the contractor came in and showed me a basic layout and I had to do the legwork of choosing the cabinets and the countertops and the appliances and the tile, make sure everything would match and go together, and order everything.

When we approach a design/build project, Veronika works with the client to create an intentional design that’s centered on their vision, but significantly smooths the process of choosing materials (and we do all the ordering!). This really sets us apart from other companies in the space.


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