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Veronika Bamfield

Today we’re talking with Veronika Bamfield, Lead Designer.

What does your day-to-day work look like?

Well, I make coffee to sustain myself, then make breakfast and lunches for my two kids, get them ready to go and out the door to drop them off at school. Most days I get home by 9 and get right to work in my home office.

On some days I go onsite to meet clients for an initial meeting or a design presentation, or to meet with the project manager and review the scope of work. On other days, I go out to various stores to get samples of tile or fixtures or paint.

How do you work with clients over the course of a project?

Once clients approve a design agreement, Tammy and I jointly have an initial design meeting where we review the scope of work. Then I work with the client independently. I schedule a survey, where I go back to the site and measure everything and take pictures.

Then I get to work on the design. I source recommended materials for everything we’re proposing (from tile to roofing to toilets to fixtures to cabinets) and get samples. I create extensive spreadsheets and mood boards. Once that’s complete I schedule the design presentation, and work with the client at that meeting to make all the design decisions.

At that point I make any revisions that are necessary to finalize the design, and then I hand over everything to the construction team. I schedule a walkthrough with Niall and John where I meet them onsite and we review the drawings, materials and scope of work. We go over every single step, and they give me their feedback.

Once the design is finalized I’m pretty much hands-off, unless there’s a few decisions that haven’t been made. Sometimes we’ll wait until floors are installed and then try out a few different stains, or test out a few different paint colors on a wall, but other than that I’m on to the next design.  

What is your favorite part about your job?

I love the creativity. After I meet the clients and do the survey, I come up with all different solutions – how can we make this awful space super functional and beautiful at the same time? I see these kitchens that make no sense – they have a really silly layout and they’re not appealing. You just don’t want to spend time in there. It’s so exciting to conceptualize a space that’s so good, I wish I could live in it myself. And I love presenting it to the client and having them get really excited, like, This is exactly what we need!

And then to see a project completed and come to life – it’s just amazing. I go  to see a finished project and it feels so good. There’s this immediate sense of satisfaction. Plus it’s so amazing to see our clients so genuinely happy. People can get stressed during renovation projects like this, which we understand, and it’s so lovely to see them so happy with the final product in the end.

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