Jersey City has a special place in our hearts.

When we (Tam and Niall) were first married in 2006, we rented a small apartment in downtown Jersey City. That’s where we co-founded Houseplay Renovations, beginning a business that continues to thrive nearly a decade later.

Back then, Niall completed home renovations while Tam commuted into New York City to complete her BFA in Interior Design at Parsons, the New School for Design, one of the best interior design programs in the country.

After completing her BFA, Tam took on a full-time role in Houseplay, completing design drawings and supplementing Niall’s on-site work with administrative support for the business.

That apartment was our first home as a married couple, and our first child was born there in 2009. Today, we own the unit and rent it out, as both our family and our business have expanded beyond its walls!

Is it any surprise that we have a soft spot for Jersey City apartment renovations? Check out a video of one recent project …

Press Play and Enjoy!

The homeowner said it best: “Houseplay Renovations transformed our home, on budget and on schedule, without rushing or making compromises …. Our home feels brand new: the rooms feel lighter, brighter, bigger, taller. Everything is fresh, new, and modern.”

This renovation took place in a historic building overlooking Hamilton Park; we chronicled the initial stages in Project in Process: Jersey City NJ Historic Apartment Remodel.

Houseplay partnered with the homeowners to maximize space and tailor the home to their needs. You can view the final project gallery here: An Apartment Becomes A Home.