Have you ever held on to something that wasn’t working?

We see this often in renovations: people plan to do a big renovation project, but they want to hold on to an element that isn’t working. They want to keep the layout of a bathroom that’s not functioning well, or they want to reuse an existing toilet that may no longer fit with the new space being created. 

At Houseplay, we are more than just a contractor.

We are design experts who coach you through the process of creating a beautiful space, from start to finish.

It’s our job to use our expertise to help you see bigger possibilities: “This bathroom layout just isn’t working; we can create something so much better.” “This toilet may only be five years old, but in a brand-new bathroom it’s going to look out of place.”

In our recent Jersey City renovation of a rental unit, the plan was to renovate the full and half baths and the kitchen, as well as uplift the entire triplex with new floorings, fresh paint, and lighting solutions.

When we initially walked through the space, our clients showed us the upstairs bathroom. The layout was awkward, with the tub, sink and toilet crowded together in a line. The space was dominated by a huge green cast-iron tub.

“We’ll just leave this here,” they said. “It would be too difficult to move it, anyway.”

Veronika and I exchanged glances. “So you want to renovate this bathroom and make the whole thing new … but keep this green tub?”


They did. 

We convinced them to let us explore different bathroom layouts during the design process, and when they saw other possibilities for the space, they fell in love. 

So we got rid of the tub and created this beautiful bathroom: 


Check out the full transformation here.

My question to you this week is: Where are you holding on to something that isn’t working in your life?

Have you ever had an experience where …

There’s a friendship in your life that’s been deeply supportive for a long time. But things shift and change in your life and your friend’s life and the relationship is no longer working – you’re simply hanging on to remnants of what was. And when you finally release your attachment to that relationship and let it come to a peaceful close, new opportunities for support and connection come flooding in.

Or maybe you’ve worked in a job or for a client for a long time, and it’s simply not a good fit anymore. When you take the leap and let it go – not knowing where that money will come from – a new professional opportunity magically appears.

I’ve had so many situations like this in my experience. So now I’m practicing releasing attachment to what’s no longer working sooner, so I can make space for the new, big, beautiful thing – whatever it may be. 

When something isn’t working, let it go, trusting that the next beautiful thing is waiting to unfold.

Often, letting go of what isn’t working to make room for the next opportunity requires support from someone with more perspective and expertise.

This is the power of our Vision & Planning Sessions

You might be feeling stuck, confused or hopeless about a home renovation project. Maybe you’re telling yourself there’s no way you can afford what you want to do, or that there’s no way to make your current house work for your family and you simply have to uproot and move.

What if you could have a world of possibilities opened up to you in one 2.5-hour session with an expert?

For December only, we have opened up Vision & Planning Sessions to people outside our Jersey City service area. AND we’re offering a discount of $300 off. Get perspective and open up to possibility by booking your Vision & Planning Session here. Use the code DEC300.