The 4 Pillars of Houseplay Renovations are at the heart of how we do business.

Because here’s the truth:

There’s what we do, which is important. We are a design/build firm serving Jersey City, Hoboken and Montclair NJ and Rockland County NY. We specialize in historic brownstone renovations.

Additionally, we offer virtual support to homeowners everywhere: practical coaching with actionable steps to empower you to create a home you love (without remodeling).

And then there’s how we do what we do, which is equally – if not moreso – important.

The 4 Pillars are our guiding principles.

Houseplay’s 4 Pillars are:

  • Playfulness
  • Honesty
  • Luxury
  • Beauty

Let’s talk about what these mean to us.




We chose the name Houseplay because we wanted to bring a sense of play and fun back into the renovation process. We wanted to bring a light-hearted spirit to the table, when so many clients expect renovating to be nothing but a chore and a headache.

I’m a strong believer in learning through play, and the more I do this work the more I see that all creativity is play. There is so much inherent joy in the creative process when we approach a project as play rather than work.

That doesn’t mean we don’t work hard or take your project seriously – we do. But we bring to it a lightheartedness and playfulness that make it feel fun.



I practice radical honesty – in my business and in the rest of my life.

What this means for Houseplay is that we set realistic expectations. We will not take on a project with a scope that’s too large for your budget.

We prioritize clear communication. When there are delays, we tell you there are delays. You’re not guessing.

And we problem-solve. We are masters at solving problems. We don’t freak out when there’s a problem. We simply fix it. And then we tell you about it.




At the heart of the concept of luxury for us is a sense of abundance.

It doesn’t mean we only work with clients who have a million-dollar budget. It means that we choose to work with clients who have a $100K budget for a $90K project.

Because breathing room is the ultimate luxury. Having enough and believing there’s more than enough is the most luxurious mindset.




I see beauty as sacred fuel. When we surround ourselves with beauty, we fuel ourselves to show up as our best.

Beauty is in your personalized choices: What brings you joy? What do you want your space to look like?

Beauty is your own signature.

I love empowering our clients to make choices based not on what’s trendy or on resale value, but on what they find beautiful.


These 4 Pillars run through everything we do at Houseplay.

If you resonate with our 4 Pillars, you’ll love how we do business.

Ready to work with us? We’re offering two pathways to partner with Houseplay to create a home you love:

  1. If you live in our local service area and you’re ready to renovate, let’s connect.
  2. If you live outside our local service area and are ready to call beauty into every room of your home – without undertaking a huge renovation – Virtual Houseplay is for you.