Homebuyer Support Sessions are perfect if you’re looking to purchase a home that you plan to remodel. Whether you’re considering a full gut renovation or an overhaul of functional but outdated spaces, consulting with a professional early on is key to being an educated and empowered homebuyer.

It absolutely breaks our hearts when a client comes to us with a fixer upper they’ve recently purchased only to find out the renovation they’ve been dreaming of is simply not possible.

That’s why the Homebuyer Support Session is so crucial.

“Homebuyer Support” doesn’t do this service justice – they’re more like Homebuyer Guardian Angels.

We reached out to the Houseplay team as soon as we found a fixer upper in an ideal part of Jersey City. Within two days, Tammy met us at a showing. As first time homeowners, we knew enough to know that we didn’t know enough to do this alone. We signed up for this session to get a sense of what we’d be getting into if we purchased the home. Despite the late viewing time, Tammy spent more than an hour with us exploring nooks and crannies; assessing walls and flooring; and noting code issues that we never would have noticed.

We then went to a nearby restaurant to hash everything out over some comfort food. We told her what we hoped to do with the house and what concerned us (namely: visible water damage). Tammy kept our budget and wishlist in mind as we talked. She listened intently then told us what would be possible and what we should consider before going forward. We never felt pressured to buy or walk away – she focused only on giving us the best guidance possible to help us make our choice. As our meeting ended, Tammy gave us worksheets to help orient ourselves on renovation costs. She also advised us to ask the seller specific questions before moving forward. Based on the seller’s answers and the information from our support session, we decided not to put in an offer. A dream house isn’t worth being underwater – figuratively or literally. Thanks to Tammy, we were able to walk away early and unscathed.

A week later, we ended up finding an incredible home that was within our budget and renovation comfort level. Before putting in an offer, we reached out to Tammy for her thoughts. She was incredibly responsive – even as she was preparing to leave for the holidays. She quickly reviewed the information we had. Then she gave us a sense of what would be involved, and a few things to ask the sellers.

Empowered by her guidance we put in an offer and are now under contract! In the next few weeks, Tammy will do another walk through with us to talk through renovation issues, strategy, and budgeting. As we make the jump from a one bedroom rental to a four floor Victorian – we feel incredibly lucky to have Houseplay in our corner.

Rachel W.

How It Works

Tammy will meet you at the property/ies you’re considering for purchase for a walkthrough of the space. (Note that she can be discreet; she’s pretended to be a friend more than once.)

She’ll bring to bear more than 10 years of experience with design/build projects and her BFA in interior design from Parsons, the New School for Design. Leveraging her experience with dozens of clients and remodel projects over the past decade, she’ll listen closely and ask skilled questions to help you create a clear vision for the space.

Then you’ll reconvene at a nearby cafe or restaurant and sit down together to dive deeper.

She’ll review what’s possible, what to expect, and what to consider as you move forward with the remodel process.

You’ll walk away feeling educated and empowered to make an informed decision about the property.

Investment: This unique service is valued at $1597. For a limited time, we are offering it for $1297 (with discounts available for viewing multiple properties).

Book your Homebuyer Support Session today via the form below! Virtual consultations available using Zoom video conference.

What Our Clients Have to Say

We were bidding on a house and had ideas about remodeling and reconfiguration. Working directly with Houseplay gave us a much better sense of both costs and what was possible. The expertise they brought was invaluable to making a decision on the house in general. We highly recommend the Home Buyer’s Session with Houseplay Renovations!

Jim Kalbach

About Houseplay

Houseplay provides premium design and build services for Full Home Remodels and Apartment Remodels, Historic District Brownstone Remodels, and Home Additions in Bergen County NJ, Hudson County NJ, Essex County NJ, and Rockland County NY.

Our focus is on building relationships, and our strategy is to provide unparalleled service to our clients all the way from concept to completion.