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Homebuyer Support Sessions

Are you searching for a home that you can make your own? Are you planning to purchase a new property and looking for an expert assessment of its potential?

If so, contact us to set up a Homebuyer Support Session. We created this service to help you reap the benefits of a design and build team from the very beginning, before you’ve even picked out a house.

We’d be glad to meet you at your potential home for an hour-long walk-through and brainstorming session.

There, we’ll discuss design ideas, clarify the scope of work, and set a target budget range too. (If you choose to work with us, the consultation fee will be credited toward your total project cost, rendering this service virtually free.)

With us on your team, you’ll go into the sale feeling empowered, with a clear sense for the remodeling possibilities.

Houseplay provides design and build services for Full Home Remodels and Apartment Remodels, Historic District Brownstone Remodels, and Home Additions in Bergen County NJ, Hudson County NJ, Essex County NJ, and Rockland County NY.

Our focus is on building relationships, and our strategy is to work with our clients all the way from concept to completion. We look forward to partnering with you on your project!