Supporting you in buying a home in need of love!

Homebuyer Support Sessions

Are you planning to purchase a home in Bergen County, NJ, Hudson County, NJ or the surrounding areas that needs remodeling before you move in? If so, then our Homebuyer Support Sessions are designed just for you!

Here is the deal. For a nominal fee, you receive the following:

  • A 45-minute brainstorming session with Niall or Tammy at the property you are considering buying (or are in the process of buying). We will be wearing our “what this space could be” goggles, ready to dream up ideas for how to update and personalize the space.
  • A design and building professional (that’s us!) on your team to provide you with design ideas, layout options, budgeting considerations, and advice on which improvements to make sooner and which can be left until later.
  • Verbal ballpark estimates for various remodeling options, including reasonable material budgets. (Note that estimate pricing is guaranteed for 1 month.)
  • A sneak peek at what’s it’s like having Houseplay on your team. We are all about building long-lasting relationships with our clients. Homebuyer Support Sessions are our way of supporting you early on in the process of creating a home you love living in.


You’ll receive all this for just $150 per visit. After the consultation, you are under no obligation to work with Houseplay on your home improvement projects, but if you do choose to hire us, all support session fees will be credited towards the total cost of your project, so the service becomes virtually FREE. (Looking at multiple properties and hoping for input before narrowing down your options? Just ask about our special package deals.)

And here’s an additional option: for just $100 per site, we can provide you with a design agreement including a targeted budget range based on the rough estimation that we gave you. This document also includes design fees, which will help you decide whether to begin the design phase with us once you close on your property.

Our strategy is to work with our clients all the way from concept to completion.

Being a part of the process from the very beginning empowers us to create detailed, individualized design plans for each client. Those customized plans then facilitate a functional and efficient building phase.

Again, if you choose to contract Houseplay Renovations once you purchase the property, the total cost of all support sessions and estimates gets credited towards the cost of the project, so the service becomes virtually FREE. 

Interested? Just give us a call or shoot us an email.