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Vision and Planning Session

Ready to remodel?

Houseplay’s Vision and Planning Session is a unique and valuable offering for homeowners, homebuyers and investment property owners who are planning a complete renovation of their space.

What You’ll Get

The purpose of our customized Vision and Planning Session is to give you a sense of the possibilities for your space, clarity around the renovation process and insight into how Houseplay Renovations can serve you.

Together, we will:

  • Create a strong vision around the remodeling possibilities
  • Get clear on realistic timelines and logistics
  • Develop a target budget range for the project
  • Review the steps needed to move from vision to reality
  • And more

You’ll leave this private Vision and Planning Session with a better understanding of the possibilities for your space, answers to all your burning questions, and clear decision points for moving forward.

How It Works

We will meet you at your property (or the property you’re considering for purchase) for a walkthrough of the space.

We will bring to bear more than 10 years of experience with design/build projects. Leveraging our experience with scores of clients and remodel projects over the past decade, we’ll listen closely and ask skilled questions to help you create a clear vision for the space.

Then we’ll sit down together to dive deeper. We will guide you through what’s possible, what to expect, and what to consider as you move forward with the remodel process.

You’ll leave the Vision and Planning Session with a much clearer picture of what to expect during the course of the project and a good sense of whether Houseplay Renovations will be the right fit.

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