Imagine that every room in your home felt like a sanctuary.

You could walk into any room, at any time of day, and feel joy. Bliss. Relaxation. Safety.

There is space for every part of you. Your personality, your relationships, who you are at your core: your home reflects and makes room for all of you.

There is attention to beauty. The things that bring you joy and light you up are front-and-center.

There is attendance to function. There’s space in the closet for your family’s coats and shoes. There’s room on the kitchen counter for chopping and mixing and cooking a meal.

You come home from work, hang up your coat, put away your keys, and make dinner with your partner, then relax.


When your home feels like a sanctuary, you become unstoppable.

Your relationships flourish.

Your children thrive.

Your career soars.

Your creativity unleashes.

Space has the power to do all of this – and more.

Let’s get started.

Houseplay Renovations co-founder and creative director Tam Templeman has started her own brand, Reclaim Your Space, to support people from around the world to reclaim their spaces and their lives. Learn more about working with Tam.


What Our Virtual Houseplay Clients Have to Say

Tammy has a gift. She is a wonderful guide who holds space and possibility for her clients simultaneously. My husband and I were able to see our shared space through another person’s eyes. I appreciated Tammy’s willingness to hold space for both of us to talk about our concerns regarding our home office. She inspired us to take immediate action!  – Amy Elizabeth Gordon

We worked with Tammy through Virtual Houseplay to help us re-organize our son’s playroom and new bedroom while we prepared for a new baby. She recommended toy storage solutions that have made it much easier for our 3-year-old to put away his own toys (every parent’s dream!). Tammy’s ability to leverage her significant knowledge base to support our goals virtually is a testament to the depth of her experience. She is a joy to work with. – Brooke Adams Law

My husband and I did a Virtual Houseplay mini-session with Tammy, and we were both impressed by her eye for design and intuitive sense of what would work well in our home. Together we looked at an under-utilized living room, and Tammy’s thoughtful questions and suggestions made me see the space in a new way and helped us plan our next steps. Before our virtual session I’d felt stuck and stymied; after the session, I felt energized and inspired by the possibilities. – Caroline McGraw

Get a taste of what it’s like to work with me virtually.

Twice a month, I offer a free Virtual Houseplay coaching call to offer a taste of what it’s like to work with me virtually. Enjoy the clips below and sign up for our email list to get notified about the next one.


Here’s what Brooke’s kitchen looked like 15 minutes after our phone call:


When you live in your space day in and day out, it can be hard to see things in a new light. I can see what’s possible for you. Let’s make it happen together.

Let’s connect!