“Coming home is one of the most beautiful things.” -Andre Rieu

Our client for this condo renovation in Edgewater, NJ, inherited the space when her mother passed away. The building is right on the water, overlooking the city. 

She loves the city, but has been living in the condo since last year. Her original plan was to update the space, then sell or rent it out and move back to Brooklyn. 

But through the design process, she’s fallen in love with the new vision for the apartment. (When you trust the process, you never know where it will lead you!) 

She’s so in love with the whole design for her apartment renovation that she’s considering making the apartment her home. 

Plus, there are some definite perks: her job in Midtown is just a 6-minute ferry ride away, and after the hectic energy of the city she enjoys coming home to a calmer space.

First we designed a brand-new bathroom, including an oak vanity, patterned tile floor and white shower tile with bronze fixtures. We are removing carpet throughout the apartment and replacing it with hardwood floors, updating the lighting fixtures and interior doors and trim, and painting. 


When this client first came to us, her proposed scope of work was a comfortable match for her budget. She also had additional dollars that she was open to investing if we both saw the opportunity to create more value and beauty in the space. 

As she began to imagine living in the condo long-term, she wanted to explore some additional work. She considered adding an accent wall in the bedroom (using shiplap or wood), but ultimately decided to paint one wall navy and upgrade the kitchen instead. 


For the kitchen update, our team is painting the existing cabinets and installing new countertop and backsplash. 


While our team gets to work on transforming her space, our client was considering renting an AirBnB place in Brooklyn. But since her job (which is based in Midtown) allows her to work from anywhere, she decided to rent a place in a small city in the South where she lived ten years ago. 

She trusts our team and is looking forward to enjoying some milder weather this winter! 

We’re so excited to offer her an experience like a home renovation reality show – with a big reveal at the end! Rather than live through a stressful renovation, she’ll have a working vacation and come home to a space that’s totally transformed, just like on TV. 

Will she decide to stay and make the apartment her home for good, or choose to sell or rent it?

We can’t wait to find out! Stay tuned.