Did you know that the best home renovation contractors act as translators? At least, that’s what we’ve found to be true in our work. The art and science of translation is a key component of what we do every day.

As general contractors, we translate our clients’ vision into actual products, materials, designs, and layout decisions. We consult with clients on how to make design affordable, and we come up with creative solutions that fit their specific style.

For this full home renovation in downtown Jersey City, we’ve been working in partnership with our clients to renovate both the first and second floors of their home, with a special focus on the kitchen, powder room, and living room spaces.

As you can see from the pictures, the space has a great deal of character. We’ve worked to preserve the existing structural elements and mouldings while also updating and improving the overall layout.

Our design highlighted the historic aspects of the house. We protected and maintained the tracery plaster crown mouldings, and we replicated the historic trim around the doorways in the new, larger openings.

Our clients had a very specific vision for their home, and we captured it in our design proposal. When we completed our presentation, one client’s reaction was, “Wow! I don’t know how you took my non-cohesive thought process and spoke it back to me exactly how I wanted it … but I’m glad that you did!”

As you can see from the mood boards, the look of the new space will be a modern style with naturalistic elements; the kitchen includes a blend of marble and wood-feel materials, and the powder room includes a more classical look in keeping with the historic aspects of the house.

Our scope of work encompassed demolition and removals, framing, plumbing, electrical, insulation, cabinetry and carpentry, flooring, windows, kitchen and bath accessories, painting, tiling, venting, and HVAC. We’re working to ensure that every aspect of this full home renovation comes together seamlessly.

Given the extent of this project, the homeowners wisely decided to move out of the space with their kids during construction. We’re honored to have earned that trust with the reputation that we’ve built up over the years.

Finally, we’d like to thank architect Lycel Villanueva for bringing us in to work on this project. The sooner we can join you in your design and build process, the more seamless it can be for everyone involved.

Mood Boards:




Before Renovation Pictures:









During Renovation Pictures:


Jersey City NJ Historic Home Kitchen


Jersey City NJ Historic Home Kitchen


Jersey City NJ Historic Home Kitchen


Jersey City NJ Historic Home Kitchen


Jersey City NJ Historic Home Living Room


Jersey City NJ Historic Home Family Room


Jersey City NJ Historic Home Office


Jersey City NJ Historic Home Family Room

After Pictures: Visit A Vision Made Real to view the final project gallery!