Our clients moved to this fixer-upper single-family home in HoHoKus, New Jersey from Cliffside Park (not far from an earlier Houseplay project, Peeling Back the Layers), where they had done their best to create a green living space in their small backyard. Now, as their family was growing up, they were ready to live closer to nature with a generous outdoor play area.

When they found this house in HoHoKus that needed some extra love, they found themselves with an opportunity to play and personalize their space. The house is set in a pristine location: on a hill, tucked among the trees, but the house itself had fallen into disrepair.


The family had a vision to transform the house into the home of their dreams, and that’s when they called Houseplay. Now we’re starting with the first phase of a more comprehensive remodel project.

The goals of this project are to create more connections between the inside and outside, to play up the home’s surroundings, and to update and modernize the interior of the house.


First things first: we plan to update the street-side facade of the house to include a new front door, which will present a friendlier face as you walk up the path from the driveway. Once inside, we’re reconfiguring a cramped, outdated floor plan to create a larger, open-plan kitchen that flows into a relocated dining area.

In the new layout, you’ll walk in the new front door and enter a grand kitchen, which we’ll move to the front of the house. The design will be ultramodern, providing a striking contrast to the rustic exterior of the house.



The dining area will then be at the side of the house, opening onto an extension of the existing deck. To create access and view, we are proposing a gorgeous panoramic, four-panel glass door to open out to the deck.


We’re excited to help this family turn their little house in the woods into an even more beautiful, modern and functional family home! Stay tuned for the finished project.

If you’re planning to remodel your home, we’re currently accepting applications for projects for early 2019. Apply now – we’d love to hear from you!