We’ve been working on a mystery project for a few months now.

Can you guess what it is?

Here are a few clues:

  • We’ve never done this type of project before. 
  • It’s not a home renovation.
  • It’s not in Jersey City! {Even though JC is our current hub for renovation projects!}
  • It’s a space where everyone is welcome.

Drumroll please….


It’s Houseplay’s brand-new home base!


We’ve operated from various home offices since the company’s inception in 2007, but we’ve never had our own space.

Now is the time.

Our new home base is a storefront space in Montclair.

Here, I want to give you a peek into the design process and what it was like being on the client side of the table for a renovation project.

First came the design. 

Houseplay as a brand doesn’t have its own style – it’s all about creating spaces for our clients that are based on their vision and personality.

So I got to choose design elements based on my own personal aesthetic. My style inspiration was the roaring 20’s (not because it’s trendy right now – just because I think it’s fun).The vibe is homey and personal, mixing industrial elements like raw concrete with lush colors and fun, decorative touches. 

It will include a reception area where people can visit us, a design studio, a private office for me, plus some super functional storage spaces. 


The reception area is set up like a living room so people can pop in off the street or arrive for an appointment and immediately feel at ease. I chose lots of fun details, like a retro-style fridge for the kitchenette and cement tile for the bathroom. 


Niall is making beautiful handmade walnut furniture for the space, including a live edge river table for the conference room, a custom front desk and a coffee table for the reception area. I’m excited to explore other opportunities for our home base to be a showcase for his custom pieces.

Finally, we created lots of functional spaces, including a material sample library that will house our collection of samples: tile, hardware, paint chips and other goodies. We also have a giant storage closet where we’ll store supplies for current projects (like sinks, faucets, and hardware) until our team is ready to install them.

We’re playing with options to activate our outdoor space as spring approaches. Plus, we’re exploring ideas for events and workshops that we can host in our new home to support you and engage with the local community as well. So stay tuned for opportunities to join us. 

Here’s what I learned by stepping back into the client’s shoes…

I remembered how important it is to be decisive, and to make all the design choices up front. I created a lot of delays in the process by changing my mind and putting off decision-making. On the design-build projects that we support our clients with, we require that all the design choices be made upfront – and I was reminded, the hard way, of why this is so essential.

I remembered how important good communication is. Because the building had its own general contractor, we weren’t doing the actual work – and we encountered a few hiccups along the way, as every renovation does. There were a few miscommunications, but because of our experience with the process, we were able to keep the lines of communication open, to talk through challenges openly and honestly and come up with solutions together. 

I remembered how important it is as a design client to tune in to myself and my own desires. As the creative director of Houseplay, I see so many creative designs and appreciate lots of different styles and types of decor. Having the freedom to choose what I like best was challenging at times, but tuning in and giving myself the time and space to browse for inspiration and decide was, ultimately, fun and empowering. 

We moved into our brand-new home base last week, so stay tuned while we settle in and put the finishing touches to make it our own. We will open for visitors very soon!!



If you’re ready to transform your space to reflect your own style, let’s connect! We are currently renovating homes in Jersey City, Hoboken and Montclair, NJ.