We all need a space where we can rest, restore, and rejuvenate. For our client in this Jersey City renovation, that space is her garden.


Jersey City Historic Home Garden Space


Jersey City Historic Home Garden Space


She’s owned her historic home for a long time and has invested most of her energy in the garden up until now. Her dream was to create a better connection between the garden and her kitchen and dining room.

When she first reached out to Houseplay, she shared images of modern conservatory-type spaces that were attached to historic homes. We used those as inspiration for her design.


Jersey City Historic Home Mood Board

Right now, there’s a small window and a small door from the kitchen, with stairs down to the garden.


Jersey City Historic Home Kitchen Before Remodel

Our team is replacing the window and door with a beautiful bump-out bay window that will overlook the yard. Our client will be able to put a little table and chair in this nook and drink coffee in the wintertime. Surrounded by glass on three sides, she’ll feel like she’s in the garden while still enjoying the comfort of her own home. That’s exactly what indoor/outdoor living can be!

Currently, the dining room has just one window that overlooks a narrow concrete section of the yard that’s currently storing garden supplies.


Jersey City Historic Home Dining Room Before Remodel

Our team is replacing the window with a set of French doors that will open onto a brand-new deck. This will enable the homeowner to expand the indoor dining and entertaining area seamlessly to the outdoors.

The deck, designed to include a pergola, will have stairs down to the backyard. The garden will be able to grow up onto the deck via growing vines, hanging plants, or pots – our client is excited about the new possibilities!

Creating a stronger connection between the house and the garden will allow for more seamless indoor/outdoor living and allow the homeowner to enjoy her garden even more year-round.