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We’ve been in the home renovation business for more than ten years now, and we know that takes faith for our clients to take the leap and dive headfirst into a major remodel. But we also know that there are tremendous rewards on the other side.

When you choose a contractor carefully and invest in strategic renovations, both your home life and your property value will be better off than before.

Such was the case for these clients. They purchased their apartment in historic downtown Jersey City thinking that they’d renovate gradually, doing just one small project at a time.

After connecting with us, however, they decided to take the leap and do it all at once. (As we noted in our Project in Process blog post, this is usually the saner, more cost-effective option!)

For this full apartment renovation, our team completed major work in the kitchen and bathrooms; we also reconfigured closets and installed new flooring and doors.

Our clients bid farewell to outdated, ho-hum cabinetry and fixtures. They made the shift to an elegant cottage/farmhouse style with modern elements integrated throughout.

The old kitchen was cramped, narrow, and crowded; the new kitchen is airy, bright, and expansive. The sleek, modern Fabuwood cabinetry and stylish stove hood make it look like a completely different space.

(When we uploaded the finished project photos, some members of our web development team couldn’t even recognize the apartment!)

The new powder room and full bathroom both demonstrate the fusion between country and modern, with wood-look tile and sleek nickel accents. The sliding barn doors add whimsical pops of color to what were dark, narrow hallways.

The apartment looks and feels brand new, and our clients are thrilled with the result. They took the leap, and now it’s all worthwhile.

Photo Credit: Anne Ruthmann Photography