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Did you know that before mankind took to the skies in planes, people used the the term “bird’s eye” to refer to views drawn from an imaginary perspective rather than direct observation?

It’s true. And that’s the kind of vision you want in a general contractor. You want a design and build team who can see beyond what’s there and imagine what’s possible.

For this full apartment remodel in a Northern New Jersey high rise, our team helped a couple to transform their newly-acquired space before they made the move from their prior apartment in Brooklyn.

We completed demolition, electrical, plumbing, flooring, and painting in order to revitalize two bathrooms, the kitchen, and various other spaces too.

The owners were eager to get settled into their new home, yet they also wanted to make sure the work was done right.

We appreciated that these thoughtful clients decided to hire us even before they bought their new apartment. They researched us extensively, reading through our website and reviews, speaking with us on the phone, looking at samples of our contract, and connecting with us in person.

The end result exceeded expectations; as the clients put it, “Tammy and Niall did a stellar job, and we are very happy overall.”

Photo Credit: Anne Ruthmann Photography

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