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Finding A Place For Everything

Piermont, NY

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We at Houseplay love working with clients to create spaces that are more functional and also just plain fun. So it was with this full home remodel (which included a kitchen and bathroom), our first project in Piermont, NY.

Both the kitchen and bathroom felt cramped and outdated (see before photos here!), and the couple knew as soon as they bought the house that they’d want to renovate. Now that their kids are past babyhood, they were ready to take on a remodel.

We love the whimsy of the bold choices our clients made in this project – the pale pink penny round tile in the bathroom; the mint cabinets and fun wallpaper in the kitchen; and the entryway with blue tile floor and red front door. They truly transformed these spaces, infusing tons of personality.

Our clients wanted to make sure that their kids could have free rein throughout the house, so we made sure to design the new spaces accordingly. Chalkboard paint on the side panel of the kitchen peninsula lends a fun kid-friendly vibe; we chose to use a fabric shower curtain instead of glass in the bathroom. And we had lots of fun using the kids’ artwork to stage the dining area for our photo shoot!

As the project progressed, we were able to guide the couple towards prioritizing transformations that would have the most impact on their day-to-day experience of their space. By simplifying some elements in the kitchen, they created room in their budget to make functional upgrades throughout their home.

These upgrades included a brand-new entryway with new tile and a new front door, adding storage and shelving for the kids’ toys and books in the living room, and redoing the closet doors in the master bedroom, creating a larger opening so each person could better access their half of the closet.

In the end, we’re thrilled that these spaces are more personal, adding more fun for our clients to enjoy living their everyday life.

Photo Credit: Megan Maloy Photography