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When you’re a homeowner with an interior design problem, there are few statements more discouraging than, “There’s not much you can do better.”

Take it from these homeowners in Historic Downtown Jersey City NJ, who met with several contractors to discuss their kitchen renovation. By the time the homeowners met with Houseplay Renovations, they had resigned themselves to the existing layout.

But with us they heard something different: “Let’s investigate improving the layout.” The homeowners were excited to explore new ideas, so our team came up with innovative solutions.

To be sure, this home’s kitchen presented a design challenge. The cabinets were too deep, which meant that storage space was difficult to access. Plus, two large closets dominated either side of the room, and the dishwasher ate up the floor space in front of the brick chimney. The room felt tight, cramped, and outdated.

Our team opened up the closed-off chimney area and tucked the dishwasher inside. That yielded valuable floor space in the center of the room, as well as an opportunity to restore the historic brickwork.

We also took out the pantry closet and laundry closet, which afforded a sense of spaciousness and a clear visual into the next room. We added some lovely Fabuwood Cabinetry (a Jersey City-based brand!), a wall-mounted radiator, and a European-style washer and dryer under the countertop too. A new garden window and French door connected the kitchen with the backyard the homeowners love.

The renovated room showcases the homeowners’ eclectic, cottage style furnishings and decor; it speaks to the personality of the historic house and the family who lives there.

Now, the homeowners love their new kitchen so much that sometimes they just gaze at it, reveling in the prospect of a brand new day.

Photo Credit: Anne Ruthmann Photography