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“Time is an illusion, timing is an art.”

If you purchased your home knowing you wanted to renovate, you might be wondering: when is the best time??

There’s always something coming up – a birthday, a holiday, a trip – that can make a renovation feel especially inconvenient. 

The truth is that there’s never a perfect time to renovate – which means that actually, any time can be the perfect time! 

And while tackling a big renovation project can feel daunting, when you have Houseplay on your side you can rest assured that our team will lead you through the process every step of the way. 

For this Jersey City home renovation, our clients’ goal was to create a more functional kitchen layout and to transform a half-bath into a full guest bathroom

We were able to accomplish these layout goals with flying colors! 

By reframing a window into the sunroom, we were able to create a very functional U-shaped layout with plenty of counter space. We moved the fridge, which had been isolated in an awkward pantry area, back into the kitchen proper. We then repurposed the pantry as a mudroom with a coat rack and copious storage for backpacks and shoes. 

A small breakfast bar in the corner of the kitchen allows the kids to be at the counter while Dad is cooking and baking. White Shaker cabinets and beautiful herringbone floor tile give the kitchen a bright, clean vibe.

We expanded the footprint of the bathroom so we could add a tub. The style is sleek with classical touches that speak to the historic elements of the house, with a space-saving wall-hung toilet, a patterned ceramic tile and dark blue walls contrasting with white shower tile.

When you’re debating whether it’s the “right” time to renovate, it’s important to focus on the result you want to create! Imagine how you’ll feel when the project is done: relieved by its completion, excited by the outcome, and most of all, energized and rejuvenated by your new space. 

Is now the right time for you to renovate? Houseplay is currently taking on renovation projects in Jersey City. You can apply to work with us here

If you’re planning to purchase a fixer-upper, we offer Homebuyer Support. And if you’re getting ready to renovate and want some guidance around creating a strong vision for your project, setting a realistic budget and planning a realistic timeline, check out our Vision & Planning Sessions.

Photo Credit: Megan Maloy Photography