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Minimalist Aesthetic

Jersey City, NJ

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Surrounding ourselves with beauty is healing for the soul.

To our clients for this Jersey City apartment renovation, beauty means a minimalist aesthetic and a visually quiet space.

Plus, they value sustainability. It’s important to them to occupy a smaller footprint. So when they learned they had a baby on the way, they set about making their one-bedroom apartment in Jersey City Heights work for a family of three.

The apartment had a fairly large storage room that had been used to house the husband’s music equipment. Our team reconfigured the room, borrowing closet space from the master bedroom, to create a functional, beautiful nursery.

In support of their sustainable lifestyle and minimalist values, they’re choosing to use cloth diapers and have fewer items they will wash more often. To that end, we borrowed the other master bedroom closet to house a washer/dryer, allowing these new parents easier laundry access.

We then built brand-new closets in the master bedroom and added a new storage closet to the living room for guitars and amps. Being able to tuck away most items streamlines the sleeping and living areas.

Finally, the Houseplay team removed the one-piece vinyl tub (which was 15 years old and which the clients hated – check out the before photo of the bathroom in this post), replacing it with a porcelain tub and tiling the surround.

Our clients made the excellent decision to move out of the apartment during the construction phase. Baby has now arrived, and they’ve come home to their beautifully finished apartment – just in time for a long quarantine.

If you’re anything like us at Houseplay – and many clients we’ve been speaking with – quarantine is revealing exactly what works and doesn’t work in your living space.

If you’re finally ready to explore upgrading your space, now is the perfect time to begin a renovation – because we start with vision and planning, then move into design, and these first two phases can be done virtually. We’re currently accepting clients in Jersey City, Hoboken, Montclair and Rockland County NY. Connect with us here and we’ll be in touch to set up a complimentary phone consultation.

This is an intense time, and there are two things I know for sure: beauty is healing for the soul, and creating something new is the perfect antidote to anxiety.

Connect with us here to get started bringing in more beauty to your home.