Project Description


An interior and exterior space to rest, restore, and rejuvenate

Jersey City, NJ

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It’s inspiring to work with a client who has such a clear vision of what they want. Our client had a specific vision to better connect her beloved garden with the interior ever since purchasing the home, but wasn’t sure how to make it work. Through the design process, we transferred her vision onto paper and started planning each step of the renovation. 

Inspired by modern English conservatories attached to historic homes, our client envisioned bringing the outdoors in by expanding the kitchen and opening a space where she could experience the refreshing feeling of being in her garden without going outside. 

The true power of this renovation was one woman’s choice to reclaim her home and put herself first. This was her act of saying, ‘this is my home and out of all the projects I could do, this is the one that brings me the most joy. I’m going to gift this to myself first.’

We began by replacing a small window and door in her kitchen with a beautiful bump-out bay window that overlooked the yard. It’s the perfect space to place a small table and enjoy nature’s most beautiful work while sipping coffee. The stunning detail of the additional square footage, where the new tile meets the home’s original kitchen hardwood floor, made this space even more unique. 

We also replaced the window overlooking a sad concrete area leading to the garden with a set of French doors that open to a brand new deck. This addition expanded her indoor dining and entertaining area outside. The new deck with pergola leads down to the garden while creating possibilities to add hanging plants, climbing vines and so much more. 

Bringing a profoundly personal home vision to life is an exciting and transformational process for homeowners. We understand this, and it’s why we personally invest in creating a house our clients love to call home. Our client on this project is in love with the fact that she can enjoy the outdoors year around with a spectacular view. We couldn’t be more excited for her to enjoy her space!

The before and after pictures of this project are amazing. The bump-out bay window allowed an exceptional amount of natural light to beam in, lifting the energy of the entire home. Take a look at the project in process and see for yourself the transformation of our client’s home and you’ll quickly understand why she loves it even more now. 

Are you waiting to renovate because you’re unsure how to make your vision work? We specialize in renovating historic homes in Jersey City and offer Vision & Planning Sessions to help clients answer questions like this. Let’s schedule a time to talk. We’d love to help you!

Photo Credit: Megan Maloy Photography