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It is a truth universally acknowledged that a homeowner in possession of a leaking roof must be in want of repairs.

And though it makes for a fun Jane Austen allusion, an unreliable roof is a serious problem. Water can cause a great deal of damage in a short time, so this homeowner wisely called us in to help.

The roof of this custom-designed home was leaking in myriad locations, so our team removed the existing roof decks to access and repair the exterior trouble spots.

The new deck was constructed atop a Bison pedestal system; in fact, we custom-designed the deck in panels that can be lifted for seasonal roof sweeping and simpler maintenance.

The various roof decks were rebuilt with both reclaimed decking and new ipe decking. Our team also removed several faulty parapet walls and replaced them with a mixture of stainless steel cables and ipe railings.

Finally, we took steps to prevent future drainage problems by applying a sealcoat to the exterior stucco and creating a copper drip-edge too.

Leaking roofs are no laughing matter, but thanks to Houseplay, this story — like Austen’s Pride and Prejudice — had a happy ending.

Photo Credit: Anne Ruthmann Photography