Is there an under-used space in your home that’s draining your energy or causing you stress?

Or are you feeling stuck when it comes to your space – as if you can’t make it work for you and your family?

Many clients come to Houseplay with these types of problems. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes to help them see new possibilities.

For example, we recently met with a client who wanted to build an addition in part so that their son could have a bigger bedroom. When Tammy walked through the house, she suggested that instead, the family swap the guest room (which was much larger and only used a few times a year) with their son’s bedroom. That would give him enough space to store books and toys and have room for a desk later on.

In our recent Feels Like Home project, Houseplay transformed the downstairs area from a neglected playroom/storage area into an inviting lounge area with a wet bar, complete with functional storage space for bikes and ski equipment. Our clients said that Houseplay’s work transformed the way they live in their house.

And during a recent Home Refresh session, Tammy helped a client reactivate a front hall closet. It was currently storing seldom-used items like a wet-vac and holiday decorations, while the hall was littered with coats and shoes that didn’t have a proper home. Tammy recommended that the closet be repurposed for everyday items and the client moved the holiday decorations to the attic.

Our client for this basement remodel in Ridgefield, NJ has been living with a semi-finished, raw space for years. Her basement consists of an office (where she works daily in an unfinished room), a laundry room/storage area, and a back room that’s currently not in use.


Basement office before renovation


Basement room before renovation (to be converted to lounge)

She hired Houseplay to reactivate the space – to make it more inviting and more livable. To that end, we’re finishing the office, creating a full bathroom, and transforming the back room into a fun lounge for entertaining and relaxing.

Our team is also adding closet space for hidden storage, replacing doors and windows, rebuilding the staircase, tucking the washer/dryer behind doors, and adding a fresh coat of paint everywhere.


Reactivating an under-used space brings new energy into your home and can transform the way you live in your house (just like it did for our clients in this historic home renovation, which also included reconceptualizing the downstairs).

We’re excited to see how this project turns out! Stay tuned for the final product.


Are you ready to explore reactivating your space? Whether you’re interested in a full renovation or expert advice on how to refresh your space without a total remodel, Houseplay can help. Tell us more about your project and we’ll set you up with a free 20-minute discovery call to see if working with us might be a good fit.