We’re bringing back our hugely popular video series, Reality vs. Reality TV, to debunk some of the myths of renovation reality TV, and offer a realistic idea of what it takes to take on a renovation project of your own.

We’ve all spent more time than usual in our homes recently. Months of having your living space function as a work, play, and often learning space, may have brought to light things that aren’t working in your home. The mudroom that is not as organized as it could be, the kitchen your growing family has outgrown, or the family bathroom that could use an update.

Reality TV renovation shows make these projects seem quick and relatively effortless, but like a duck’s feet paddling energetically beneath an otherwise calm surface, there’s often a lot of planning and development behind the scenes that doesn’t make the final cut.

Before you dive into DIY-ing your own home renovation projects, spend some time with our series of five Reality vs. Reality TV videos. Each one provides some hard-earned expert advice on an element of home renovation, and they’re all available now for you to binge-watch! Let’s debunk some of these reality TV home renovation myths.

Video 1:  Reality vs. Reality TV

Tammy separates the reality of a renovation project from what we see on TV.

Video 2:  When Should You Hire a Designer?

Transforming your vision into a practical plan. How a designer can save you time and money.

Video 3:  Creating a Real-Life Renovation Timeline

Building a realistic timeline that includes planning & development, design, permits, and construction.

Video 4:  Reducing Renovation Sticker Shock

Considering budget and debunking the price-per-square-foot measure of value.

Video 5:  To Flip or Not to Flip

When flipping makes sense and how to use the Cost vs. Value Report to help you decide.