This year has been epic.

The leadership development work I’ve been doing personally has created a lot of transformation (read: change!) in my professional life, in my family, in my friendships, and definitely in my physical home.

And logistically, I’ve been traveling a LOT – I’ve taken 9 trips in 10 months.

I came back from my last trip on Monday. I’m going to be home for a while. 

When I got home, Niall and the kids were out. I left my suitcases in the entryway and went up to our room. 

I could see with new eyes. My guitar hanging on the wall hadn’t been touched in months. My drawers were full of clothes that didn’t really inspire me anymore. The little “altar” I’d set up had gotten cluttered. (My altar is simply a space to rest my eyes on things that are beautiful and bring me joy. I place objects on it that inspire me or represent my vision for the future. Energetically it’s like a little refueling station.)


A lot of times in the past year, I came home but was just waiting for my next trip. In between my last two trips, I didn’t even fully unpack – I lived half out of my suitcase and half out of my closet. I felt unsettled and uprooted.

This homecoming, I still felt like a traveler – like a guest in my own home. 

Have you ever felt this way? Have you ever looked around your space and realized you’ve never fully claimed it as your own? Or – that your space no longer reflects the changes that have grown inside you? 

So that night I unpacked my suitcase, lovingly placed my clothes into the drawers and our new and improved closet (thank you, Niall), and did an energy clearing ritual in our room to reground myself. (If you’re interested in energy clearing, check out this video interview I did with Maggie Burgisser in my series A Home You Love.) 

I cleared the clutter from my altar. I chose which objects to place there. I lit incense and candles. Together, Niall and I set new intentions for the space, for our family, and for the months ahead.

I feel like I’m rooted again – in my home, in my life. 

Have you been feeling uprooted or unsettled in your space? If so, try building your own refueling station (or altar, if you prefer that word). Clear a shelf, a nightstand or the top of a dresser and place items on it that bring you joy: photographs, a candle, a memento from a favorite trip, a book you love – whatever you like. Ask anyone you share your space with to leave it intact.

When you’ve finished building your own refueling station, light a candle or some incense, play some music you love, and set an intention for that space to store up positive energy.

THEN – take a quick photo of your refueling station and send it to me! You can reply to this email and attach it.

There’s more transformation to come – more change, more intentionally moving in new directions. But I’m here, now. And I can’t wait to see what happens next.