Plenty of people will decide that you can’t do something. Plenty of people will decide that this room is not for you to be in. Your only job is for you to decide that every room you are in is a room that you belong in, and to remain there. I always think that’s the most important thing—to feel like you belong in every room you’re in.” -Shonda Rhimes

Deciding to belong in every room we are in is powerful. And while Shonda was speaking more broadly about owning our place in the world, this concept also applies to how we belong in our work, our community, our society, our family, and just as importantly, how we belong in the rooms of our own home.

How much space do you occupy in your house? How much space is given to living, sleeping, or leisure? How much space is assigned to storage, to children’s toys, to making and serving food, and how much to your work? It’s important that the amount of space dedicated to every element of our lives reflects the amount of time we spend doing them. For example, if you spend 8 hours a day working from home, your workspace deserves more square footage than a tiny corner of your bedroom.

Our homes get to fit our needs – rather than the other way around, where we fit our needs into our house. And the spaces we occupy get to reflect our tastes and our desires, rather than being purely utilitarian.

Enjoy this gallery collection highlighting projects that are all about taking up space.


Feels Like Home

Image of completed Jersey City, NJ remodel

Design the space to fit the needs of your family now. The renovation of the lower level of this Jersey City house–converting an outgrown playroom and poorly-designed storage into functional storage for all their hobby gear plus a lounge the whole family enjoys every day–transformed the way this family lives in their home.


Modernizing Space while Honoring History 


Allow your desires and tastes to take up space in your home. This family needed a solution to accommodate their growing family without compromising the charm of their historical 1930s home. An addition provided their daughter with a room of her own. They chose not to add a second bathroom but instead to renovate the existing bathroom with a luxurious, high-end design.


Making Small Spaces Work


A creative reworking of space ensured this family of four (plus a beloved pet) could continue to live comfortably in their cozy apartment. The innovative transformation of a storage closet into a dining nook allowed us to reimagine the open-plan dining room into a multi-purpose den. The homeowners were thrilled with the result: “Our home is so much more functional, and every detail Houseplay considered, literally EVERY ONE, makes us smile every time we interact with it.”


Reactivating your space


Breathe new life into an underutilized space in your home. Our client for this basement renovation had been using an unfinished room – literally with spackle on the unpainted walls – as her office for years. We transformed the entire basement level, creating a beautiful home office, a full bathroom for guests, a lounge area, and more functional storage and laundry space. Take a look at this project for a sense of how we can guide you from an overwhelming ‘Before’ to a satisfying ‘After.’

* * *

If you’re ready to rethink, renovate, refresh, or reactivate the space in your home, we can help. From the initial design to get your creative juices flowing, to the nuts and bolts of the build.

We work in Jersey City, Hoboken, Montclair NJ; Rockland County NY, and surrounding communities. Connect with us here to tell us about your project, and let’s get to work!