When my partner Niall and I first started Houseplay, my “office” was the dining table in our 550-square-foot apartment. Then it was various small rooms in our Cliffside Park house. Then a dedicated office in our Valley Cottage house.

It took us 13 years to say: Houseplay deserves to have its own space and be seen.

We moved into our brand-new office space in Montclair just a few weeks before the lockdown began. I’ve been coming to the office every day by myself. And here’s what I noticed:

At first, I tucked myself away in the tiny private office (which is 7 ft by 6 ft). Then I remembered that I could also use the reception area, and I found myself only using half the desk.

Then I set up some art materials in the conference room.

I remembered this truth: I get to take up space.

Physical space.

This theme showed up in a really interesting way on our Virtual Houseplay free coaching call last week. (Watch the replay here.)

Houseplay coaching call

Our topic for this call was work-from-home spaces. Here’s what I noticed:

All four people who shared their space with me on this call had squeezed their work-from-home “office” into a tiny corner of a room that had multiple other uses.

One woman shared that her family lives in a 3,000-square-foot house; her husband and three sons each have a room of their own to work in, and her workspace was huddled in a tiny corner of her bedroom.

Another woman had set up a desk in her son’s sleeping room (which also has a guest bed).  Her work area – where she spends 9 hours a day – took up the smallest fraction of the space.

I am all about making small spaces work.

But I suspect – if these women are anything like me – that there’s also a worthiness conversation happening here.

That’s exactly why my free Virtual Houseplay coaching calls are so valuable, by the way – because when we start looking at your space, we see how you treat yourself and how worthy you believe you are.

Here’s what we all forget sometimes: we deserve to take up space in our own homes.

Think about your current work-from-home space.

Whether you’re managing a business or a full-time job at home – or coordinating homeschool schedules (or both), consider how much time you spend working.

Now consider whether the amount of time you’re spending in your workspace matches the amount of space your “office” occupies.

If you spend 8 hours a day working (for example), perhaps your workspace deserves more than a tiny corner of your bedroom.

A few other questions to consider: Are you physically comfortable in your workspace? Do you have something beautiful to look at? Is there some measure of privacy?

Notice where you’re not taking up space. Notice where you are literally cramming yourself into a corner.

Now: choose one action step for your work space. Get an ergonomic chair, change the direction of your desk, add one beautiful object that you can look at throughout the day.

You don’t necessarily need to make a giant move at first. Just a small signal that you’re allowed to have desires and honor those desires. You’re allowed to enjoy the space you’re working from.

Your work – whatever you do – is sacred. It activates the flow of energy (in the form of money) through creating value.

That’s why our next Virtual Houseplay free coaching call is focusing on creating effective storage – because the whole point of storage is to create streamlined living spaces.) It’s happening on Wednesday 5/13 at 8pm.

These free calls are a taster of the coaching program I offer.

The Virtual Houseplay coaching program will help you take up space – physically and psychically.

Come check out the free call on Wednesday to get a taste.


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