Our clients for this historic brownstone remodel in Jersey City did a little house swap.

It all started when they bought a brownstone with the intention of remodeling. Before they began the project, another brownstone on the same block went up for sale. They made a plan to move into that one, planning to live there for the course of their renovation. They liked it so much they decided to stay, and now plan to renovate the original property as a rental unit.

On their earlier renovation projects, this client had been super hands-on – out at stores picking out tile; managing subcontractors; and otherwise very involved in every aspect of the remodel. Ultimately, finding the whole process very stressful and time-consuming.

As Houseplay prepares to start work on their now-rental property, they get to have a new experience. As we remind and reassure them, the clients who have the best experience working with us are those who trust us to manage the day-to-day bumps that are inevitable with any remodeling project.

If a carpenter shows up at your home and has questions about what he’s supposed to work on, it’s all good – we handle it. (You don’t need to figure it out – we promise!) If a plumber makes a mistake, we will have him come back and fix it. If there’s an issue with an inspection, we will take care of it. That’s our role and why homeowners hire us to build their projects.

Trust the process. It’s our credo at Houseplay.

We’re excited to dive into this project, which includes a kitchen and bathroom remodel. And while we plan meticulously at the start of any project, we’re always prepared to handle any unexpected situations that arise – so our clients don’t have to.

Our clients are looking forward to getting this property ready to rent out as a long-term investment. As such, they’re looking for a high level of quality and of course, our attention to detail and premium customer service.

We are renovating the kitchen, plus the full and half baths. Our team is also replacing flooring throughout the space and installing a new patio door and new back windows. The goal for the updated spaces is a clean, modern refresh.






Jersey City brownstone kitchen before remodel



Jersey City brownstone bathroom before remodel

Trusting the process is a skill everyone can deepen over time – and we’ve had plenty of practice! It’s our pleasure to handle the end-to-end details of every renovation project, so our clients can go on living their lives. *UPDATE*: Our renovation of The Brownstone Swap is complete! Check out the full gallery of photos here. Here’s a sneak peek:





Houseplay has transformed dozens of historic brownstones in Jersey City – we’re experts at this work and we have an excellent working relationship with the Historic Preservation Office. If you’re considering a big renovation of an historic brownstone, we’d love to talk with you. Drop us a line and we’ll be in touch!