Have you ever panicked halfway through a project and tried to back out?

Maybe you wanted to drop out of that graduate degree program because it just felt too hard.

Exit a new relationship because you felt too vulnerable letting someone in.

Refuse a promotion that felt too stretchy.

Or … cancel a home renovation halfway through.

That’s what happened a few years ago with one of our clients.

This client trusted us to completely renovate an investment property. We converted a 2-bedroom apartment in Jersey City to a 3-bedroom, 2-bath apartment.

Halfway through the renovation, he stopped by to check on the progress – and he completely panicked. He called us and said, “Did I make a terrible mistake?? Everything looks smaller than I thought! I just don’t see how this is going to come together.” 

Have you ever had a moment like this?

You undertook a project – it got under way – things were rolling along – and suddenly you looked around and thought, This is never going to work! I should turn back! This is going to fail!

If you have felt this way – you’re right on track.

That’s what we told our client. Everything is right on track. Just trust us.

And he did. He trusted us to keep going. He went about his life and let us keep handling the renovation.

He didn’t come back to the property until the photo shoot.

And he was amazed by the transformation.

He said, “Wow. You guys could see the whole time what the space could become. I couldn’t – but I’m so glad you could.” (Check out the full gallery here.)

Here’s what I want to say to you today: don’t cancel your transformation.

Don’t stop halfway.

Trust the process.

When things feel chaotic, that’s just the messy middle. Everything is right on track. Whether it’s a home renovation, a personal transformation, or another project you’re passionate about, hold to your vision and keep pressing forward.

When you hold to a strong vision, the process of getting there will not always be a straight line. There will be twists, turns and hiccups along the way – but if you keep your eye on where you’re headed, you *will* get there.

This is exactly what Houseplay does for our clients – we help them create a strong vision, and then we carry them through the process of bringing that vision to life.  

Creating that strong vision is a piece of home renovation that most people miss – which is a shame, because it’s like driving cross-country with a compass instead of GPS. You know you need to head west, but have no idea where exactly you’ll end up.

If you’re planning to renovate in the next two years, I can help you create that strong vision for what your home can be – no matter where you’re located. Learn more about my Vision & Planning Sessions here.

Image of completed Downtown Jersey City, NJ remodel