As many of you know, I recently led an in-person workshop, Find Your Bliss: Transform Your Home, Transform Your Life and Create Joy from the Inside Out. This was my capstone project for a leadership development program.

One of the graduation requirements was to create a workshop that was free – a pure give – and to have at least 25 people in the room from start to finish.

I did a session of the workshop at Beloved World Yoga in Jersey City for 13 beautiful people. I learned so much from leading it.

I got to do the workshop again at the Nyack Library, with about one week to get the whole thing together.

Twenty-seven beautiful people attended. I was most happy with how I showed up in the room – I was fully in my body. I stood like I was an inch taller. I played the piano and sang – the first time I’ve ever played in public before.

At the end of the workshop, there were 17 people in the room. But more than that, I didn’t feel *complete.* I watched a replay and could see that I was still not fully embodying the powerful presence I felt inside.

So I created the workshop a third time – in less than 24 hours. I decided on Friday afternoon that I’d pull together a final session for the following day. I found a space and brought together 12 beautiful people.

I was on a different vibration. Everyone there – including me – had a magical experience. It was truly a testimony to how far I’ve come in the last year.

So today, I get to graduate from my program.

And today, I get to share with you a version of one of the exercises I lead in the room during my workshop.

Grab a pen and journal, a notebook or a piece of paper.

(No, really. Go grab something to write in! I’ll wait.)

Now, write a letter to yourself, from your home.

What does your home want to say to you?

What is it trying to tell you?

What parts of your home feel loved and attended to? What parts of your home feel neglected?

Let your home speak to you. You might be surprised by what it says.