I believe that space has the power to change how we live.

A beautiful space inspires us, makes us feel safe, and allows us to create – whether we’re creating a focused, productive work day, a lovely meal, or a good night’s rest.

Cluttered, old, outdated spaces stress us out. Often this stress is at such a low level that we don’t even notice it … until we spend time in a space that’s clean and beautiful and notice how much better we feel. 

I’ve built my company on this belief. My team and I have created gorgeous spaces together since 2007. 

And I’ve also found that it is entirely possible to upgrade your space – and feel better – a little at a time, without a full renovation.

That’s what Virtual Houseplay is about.

I’m currently offering a series of free, live Virtual Houseplay coaching calls to give you a taste of how powerful this work is.

Today I’m sharing a few snippets of recent calls with you, so you can understand the powerful support this type of coaching can provide.


Case study 1: Streamlining kitchen counters

I worked with Brooke to help her streamline her kitchen counters to make more room for cooking and meal prep.


About 15 minutes after the call ended, Brooke texted me these “after” photos:


Case study 2: Making the entryway more functional

I supported Sarah with ideas for making her home’s entryway less cluttered and more functional.


Case study 3: Offering design suggestions for triangular windows

Joshua just moved into a new house that has a gorgeous bank of windows in the living area. I offered him suggestions for how to make the most of the natural light while still maintaining privacy and managing the summer heat. 


Our next free Virtual Houseplay coaching call is happening Wednesday, April 15 at 8:00pm. If you want support to upgrade your experience of living in your home – without a renovation, and sometimes without spending a single dime – join us here for free support. See you there.